Dosti Package

Glow the most popular and trendy cellular brand for the youth of Pakistan offers yet another amazing package that lets you stay connected with your F&F.

The latest voice packages of Glow offer you the convenience to talk to your friends and family at lowest call rates across all networks. Glow users can also choose from a wide range of Voice, SMS & Mobile Internet bundles.

Select the package of your choice and spread the colors of friendship with Glow!

Now add up to 10 F&F numbers from any Network in your F&F List and enjoy the Lowest F&F call rates.

How to Activate

  • New Warid Customers: Dial 789 to activate Dosti package
  • Existing Warid customers: SMS Dosti to 7777


  • Rs. 10 from Glow 1, Glow 2 & Glow Super Dosti to Glow Dosti
  • Rs. 25 from Warid Prepaid to Glow Dosti Package
Glow Dosti Package
F&F Call Charges upto 10 on-net numbers Peak Charges Mon-Fri, 8am-11pm 65paisas
Sat-Sun, 5pm-11pm
Off-peak Charges Mon-Fri, 11pm-8am Rs.3.99/hr
Sat-Sun, 11pm-5pm
upto 10 off-net numbers 65 paisas
Call Charges across all networks 99 paisas


You can add up to 10 F&F numbers from any network in your F&F list.

Add an F&F numbers: SMS Add<space><Warid number> to 2129 @ Rs. 9

Delete an F&F numbers: SMS Del<space><Warid number> to 2129 @ Rs. 2

Check F&F list: SMS List to 2129 @ Rs. 2

You can change your F&F numbers as many times as you like.

VAS Tariff
SMS 35 paisas
International SMS Rs. 5
MMS Rs.3
International MMS Rs.10
Mobile Internet Rs. 1.2 / 64 kb


  • All rates are exclusive of taxes unless specified.

  • MMS is charged both for receiving and sending.

  • MMS unit is a message of size 300KB on-net and 100KB off-net and on International numbers.

  • No taxes apply on Mobile Internet and MMS.

  • Rs. 1 will be charged on sending SMS to 7777


  • I am a new Warid customer, how do I activate Glow Dosti Package?
    • Please dial 789 to activate Glow Dosti.

  • Is this a Postpaid or Prepaid package?
    • This is a prepaid package.

  • I am a Warid prepaid customer, how do I activate Glow Dosti Package?
    • To subscribe Glow Dosti SMS Dosti to 7777. Activation charge of Rs. 25 apply.

  • I am an existing Glow user, how do I activate Glow Dosti Package?
    • To subscribe Glow Dosti SMS Dosti to 7777. Activation charge of Rs. 10 apply.

  • What is the billing pulse for Glow Dosti Package?
    • All rates are charged at a 30 seconds pulse, unless specified.

  • How many F&F can I add?
    • You have the liberty to choose up to 10 F&F numbers in your F&F list across network within Pakistan. A combination of on-net & off-net numbers can be chosen up to 10 numbers in total.

  • Can I change, add or delete my F&F numbers?
    • Yes, you can, whenever you want to. Please see F&F details.

  • Is there a rental charge on this package?
    • No, there is no rental charge on this package. However, you will be charged Rs.1 only on the first F&F call you make in a particular day. This charge will not be applicable on any further calls on the same day or if NO F&F call is made in a day.

  • Can I avail SMS Craze, Voice Craze, Infinite Craze, Sunday Craze and Zoom while being on Glow Dosti Package?
    • No, these packages are not avaliable on Glow Dosti Package.

  • Can I activate Mobile Internet and send MMS?
    • Yes, you can activate your Mobile Internet & MMS services by dialing 321.

Terms & Conditions  

  • Rs. 1 will be charged on sending SMS to 7777

  • Dial 789 for new SIM activation

  • Using a SIM which is not in your name or allowing others to use your SIM is a crime – PTA

  • All calls will automatically disconnect after 50 minutes

  • 19.5% FED on usage and 15% withholding tax on recharge apply

  • Prices are subjects to change at Warid's discretion

  • All charges are exclusive of maintenance & administrative charges