Set the Glow Dosti Ke Rung tone as your RBT by sending 15476 to 7171 in an SMS.

Caller Tunes

With Glow Caller Tunes you get the chance to say what you want even before you answer calls. When your friends call you they no longer have to hear that unexciting ‘dial-tone’. Instead, they can listen to the hottest new tracks on the music scene!

The service is for both prepaid and postpaid customers.


To subscribe: SMS RBT <space> ON to 7171.

Once your account has been activated, you will get a confirmation message.

  • Dial 105 to set your Glow Caller Tune

  • Send Tone ID to 7171 in an SMS to purchase the tone

  • Copy Caller Tune: If you like your friend’s Caller Tune, copy it by pressing #

  • Self-recorded Caller Tune: Dial 106 and record your very own caller tune

Click below to visit a vast list of caller tunes from our library

Song Search

Searching for your favorite song but can't get it? Our Song Search Service can help! Now you can search for a CallerTune of your favorite song just by sending the song name in an SMS to 7172!

  • Send the name of your desired Caller Tune to 7172 (for example: “Dil Dil Pakistan”)

  • If your desired Caller Tune is found, you will be sent an SMS with the tone ID and name of the song

  • Reply to this SMS with the tone ID of the song and your Caller Tune will be automatically activated!

If you are not sure of the full name of the song, you can still avail the service by sending the first word of the song in an SMS to 7172 (for example ‘dil’). You will be sent some top results for the songs that have the word ‘dil’ in them along with their tone ID’s.


  • Glow Caller Tunes Subscription: Rs. 12+tax (Rs. 2 for activation and Rs. 10 for monthly rental)

  • Set your Glow Caller Tune by dialing 105: Rs. 5+tax/min

  • Copy Caller Tune: Rs. 10+tax/tune

  • Record your own Caller Tune: Rs. 8+tax/min

  • Rs. 0.50+tax/SMS

  • Tone Purchase Charges: Rs. 10+tax


“Warid Caller Tunes Contents shall only be available to the subscribers as long as the contents’ copy rights remain valid. The Caller Tunes Contents may not be available once the Content’s copy rights have expired. The availability of the Caller Tunes Contents are not for a specific period of time; therefore Warid Telecom reserves the right to remove any Caller Tunes Contents from its relevant service at any time, in its sole discretion without assigning any reasons whatsoever and without assuming any liabilities whatsoever in nature”