Facebook™ Mobile Texts

Enjoy a unique Facebook™ messaging experience, which includes wall posts, status updates, messages and poke alerts on your mobile phone via SMS.


Register at http://www.facebook.com/mobile and get FREE notifications.

You can also reply, send messages and update your status by sending SMS to 32665


Re. 1+tax/SMS

Upload Photos @ Facebook

    Snap, Send, Share!!!

    Convenience you never imagined! Now you don’t need a computer to upload a picture on your facebook account. You can take a picture with your mobile phone and upload it to your Facebook account from anywhere, at anytime with Warid’s ‘Upload Photos to Facebook™” facility.

    To upload pictures/videos, simply send them as MMS to your personalized email, which can be obtained from www.facebook.com/mobile

    How it works

    Visit www.facebook.com/mobile to obtain your personalized e-mail address

    After signing on with your facebook ID and password, look for Upload Via Email on the website

    Look for your designated e-mail address listed on the website for example: fishmart@m.facebook.com

    Every facebook user has his/her own designated e-mail address, and pictures can be uploaded using any mobile number. All customer needs to do is to MMS the picture at his designated e-mail address provided by Facebook.

    The subject of the MMS to your designated e-mail address will be used as picture caption.

    Once uploaded, the picture will be placed in customer “Mobile Upload” section under Photos.

    Save the e-mail address provided by Facebook in your contacts for easy access.


    Standard MMS Charges applied