Telecom Industry is one of the biggest industries in Pakistan because everyone has a cell phone but without a mobile connection cell phones have no value.
Mobile connections work as a soul for Mobile Phones, you can use them for sending SMS, making calls day and night, and finding solutions on the internet every time. means it is a part of our daily life.

If we talk about the History of the telecommunication industry in Pakistan, then everyone will remember Paktel which was formed in 1989, and in 2008 Zong takeover Paktel, rebrand it, and launch it again with a new aim and passion.

History will remember another name of industry Instaphone it was launched in 1991 and also closed its operations in 2008.

After that, there was the entry of some other Brands which exist at the present time Ufone launched its services in 2001, Jazz also launched in 1994, Telenor in 2004, Zong in 2008, and Warid in 2004 Jazz acquired it in 2015.

Now there is a total of four Mobile Network companies providing their services to the customers in Pakistan.

List of Mobile Network Companies in Pakistan:

  1. Jazz
  2. Ufone
  3. Telenor
  4. Zong


Jazz is the Largest Telecommunication company in Pakistan, they have postpaid and prepaid services as well, anyone can choose their service according to their need.

You can make a call, SMS, Mobile Data, international roaming and even they are proving their financial services with the name of Jazz Cash. you can send and receive money on your mobile account.

Jazz is offering SMS Packages, Call Packages, Internet Packages, and different types of bundles to its users through this they can use JAZZ services. Jazz offers daily, weekly and monthly packages in all types of jazz also have its app with the name of Jazz World on the play store in which you can subscribe to its services or terminate any service at any time you can also download your Jazz Tax Certificate through JAZZ World app. You can share your balance with your friends and family in jazz and Jazz is the only network that is giving an opportunity to its users to avail balance save service free of cost


Ufone is famous for their advertisement strategies, their TVCs are very famous and they launch very amazing packages in past. They also provide postpaid and prepaid services, you can also make calls, SMS, and international roaming on their connection. They have a bank with the name of Ubank.


Telenor is the pioneer of Mobile banking they are providing their financial services with the name of Easypaisa. and they targeted those areas for their operation where other networks didn’t pay their attention. and they also grabbed a very big number of customers.


Zong is a China Mobile company who enters last in the market but they rapidly improve their position They also focus on those areas for their operations where other big names have not entered.