As we know Jazz is the biggest network of Pakistan’s telecommunications industry and after the merger with Warid Telecom, its customers increase day by day. There are a lot of questions that arise in everyone’s mind about the usage of Jazz.

The biggest issue which normally people faces in their life is a deduction of balance without using it.

So, the question is very simple.

Can we save our balance? before answering this we have to discuss the problem of why our balance is deducted This can occur when you are using the internet service without having any data bundle.

Jazz is improving its services day by day to retrain their customers and giving a tough competition to their competitors because nowadays it is very easy for a user to change its network.

Jazz provides a very suitable solution to its users to save balance.

You can’t use the internet if you have not subscribed to any package.

Most of the time people start using their mobile data to watch videos or browse on the internet and they don’t know about the usage limits, because sometimes the network intimates you after some time and meanwhile you are starting using your Mobile Balance. and this is a very common problem. e.g.:- you are going to watch a movie and after every few minutes, you check your remaining mobile data. it is very irritating.

Jazz Balance Save Code

Jazz balance save code is *275# by dialing this code from your mobile you will activate the Jazz balance save service.
this service is launched to facilitate its customers and it is free you just have to follow the following instructions.

  • Open your Dial Pad
  • Dial the code *275#
  • You will get a confirmation message that Jazz balance saver is subscribed
  • You can unsubscribe from this service by dialing code  *275*4#

This service will be auto resubscribed after every 30 days till you unsubscribe it.

How to Save Jazz Balance

Jazz also launched a great service Doosra Balance Service, in this service you can save your Jazz balance for future usage. it is totally different from jazz balance save service.
In Jazz Doosra Balance you save your balance for the future in another wallet. this balance will reserve and locked you can’t use it until you allow yourself.

When you need this balance you have to allow yourself by dialing a specific code for using this reserve balance.

*The most important this is that this service is not free as Jazz Balance save Service, you have to pay for every transaction.

If you wish to avail yourself of your balance you have to follow the following procedure, it is as simple as you are going to subscribe an SMS Package or you are going to check your Jazz Balance.

  • Dial service code *869#
  • After this, you will get a message that you have subscribed to the service.
  • Now, when you will dial it again, you will see three options as shown in the image belowJazz Balance save code
  • Choose your desired option by typing the number
  • You have to pay Rs. 1+tax to transfer your balance to the main account
  • You can unsubscribe to this offer by dialing *869*3#

You have to keep in mind the following things while using this service.


  • There are no transaction charges from the main balance to Doosra Balance
  • The transaction charges from Jazz Doosra balance to the main balance is Rs 1.2 per transaction
  • The maximum limit of Jazz Doosra Balance is 100 Rupees.